MrLooquer Rating

Discover automatically real exposure to attacks of your organization. Our technology is dual stack enable and we discover and analyze IPv4 and IPv6 assets covering the whole network coverage. Our solution can be integrated easily with cloud environments to automatically analyze assets through lambda functions.

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What is MrLooquer Rating?

Discover your company real risk exposure in real time. Get a score of your overall security. Multiple technical analysis
We discover automatically assets related with your organization
Detect security issues before others do: Daily analysis and continuous reporting
Fight against Shadow IT -> Discover assets that may stay out of control and don’t follow the regular IT processes
Easy integration with cloud environments with lambdas and webhooks. Fully API integration
Third party ratings

How does it work?

Product features

  • Automatic asset discovery
  • Daily/weekly analysis
  • Third party rating
  • Multiple security analysis modules
  • Fully API and web hook integration